Allergy season is upon us! And with this comes the miserable sneezing, itchy eyes, and sinus headaches of Spring. Why exactly do allergies flare at this time of year? According to Chinese medicine, Springtime is the season when the Earth’s energy stirs strongly and begins to move again after a period of dormancy during the winter. When things sit for long periods of time, they often accumulate and become stuck. Sometimes it can be initially hard to move something that has been at rest for a period of time. (Think about an old car that hasn’t been driven for ages.) Your body is the same way.

Pollens, when they hit the surface of the tissues in the nose, can be identified as foreign bodies that need to be cleared away. If the lungs are full of healthy qi, they will be able to easily rinse the pollen off. If they are not full, the Liver energy will become involved and push harder to remove the pollen, which creates many of the symptoms we’ve come to associate with seasonal allergies. To decrease allergy symptoms, take the burden off of your lungs: breathe clean air, eat fewer mucous producing foods and get an acupuncture tune-up. Call today to schedule your appointment! You’ll feel better right away.