How to Get Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture

Your back hurts! And the pain never seems to go completely away…

If you’ve had an MRI for your back problems, the diagnosis may have been “nothing wrong,” arthritis, or a protruding disc. No matter the results, acupuncture often brings quick relief from the back pain. It works on the energetic system of the body and simultaneously makes many changes to your physical body.

The Back and Spine Are Pivotal

back pain relief acupuncture Your back is one part of your “central pivot.” The trunk of the body is at the core of your turns and movements. You create particular muscular patterns in the back every time you move. When you have back pain, you start moving differently.

Always, the body tries to be energy-efficient and repeat particular muscular patterns. Once the body learns new muscular patterns to accommodate your back pain, you stand and move differently. Sometimes, even after your back problem has been solved and that particular pattern is no longer needed, the body can’t unlearn the new movements—even if it’s causing you pain!

Unfortunately, habitual patterns cause overuse of some muscles, leading to wear and tear. Long story short, at some point you end up using only a few muscles when moving rather than all of them. This causes pain at first, and long term, can lead to arthritis and or problems with your spine and/or discs. You need back pain relief!

Back Pain Relief with Acupuncture
back pain relief massage

Acupuncture helps to break the familiar pattern and relieve the associated back pain. By tapping into the meridians that cross over the back, hips, and front of the torso, an acupuncturist treats both the immediate problem and the underlying cause. In addition to needles, an acupuncturist may use cupping, Chinese scraping (gua sha), and massage techniques to treat back pain.

The treatments help the body “forget” the old muscle holding pattern and start using more muscles during everyday movements. Often, the first acupuncture treatment will reduce back pain by 50% to 75%! Stubborn, persistent back-pain patterns may also benefit from treatment with custom Chinese herbal prescriptions.

Call 303-250-3044 today or book online to get lasting relief from your back pain! Debby Shapiro is a licensed acupuncturist in Lakewood, Colorado, who uses acupuncture and Chinese herbs to get you back on track:

  • Acupuncture, massage, and cupping therapy to treat back pain
  • Acupuncture for muscle aches
  • Acupuncture for pain control
  • Chinese herbs to retrain your body and get relief from back pain

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