Nutrition for the Rest of Your Life

Our bodies change throughout our lives. What we need to be healthy is dependent on the life tasks linked to each stage of our journey. We begin our lives with rapid growth, move into reproduction, and then we settle into maintenance mode. From 45 years old onward, our bodies are challenged to maintain their overall functionality as our metabolism naturally begins to slow down. This decline in metabolic function makes ongoing repair harder than it was when we were in our 20s. We need great food to keep us vibrant.

Foods rich in complex nutrients, with plenty of minerals, healthy proteins, and good fats, should be the foundation of your diet as you age. In practicality this translates to vegetables, some fruits, grass-fed or organic protein sources (meat, eggs, beans, grains) and a variety of organic oils, such as olive, sesame, and/or butter.

Carbohydrates (bread, grains and sweets) tend to be the trickiest piece of the dietary equation. We love, and often crave, carbohydrates because they are a great source of energy. The problem is that these foods rapidly turn into sugar in the blood stream. Most people tend not to need anywhere near as many carbohydrates in their diets after the age of 40 unless they remain extremely physically active. Too much leads to inflammation and a variety of health issues. So how do we know when enough is enough and also how to avoid taking in too few carbohydrates? Look for stable energy levels, no sugar cravings and little or no chronic pain.

Let’s talk about an approach to food you can love for the rest of your life. Call me now to plan your unique diet.