Get your own traditional Chinese herbal formula prescribed and shipped directly to you

Chinese herbs are known to facilitate a positive immune response and help optimize body function. These herbs work for chronic and acute conditions. The herbs come in a powdered form that dissolve instantly in hot water. Debby Shapiro (BSN, MTCM, and Licensed Acupuncturist) has been prescribing Chinese herbs for people in Lakewood, Denver, and greater Colorado for the last 29 years.

Now with telemedicine you can get your own traditional Chinese herbal formula prescribed and shipped directly to your home!

Phone and Video Consultations

Ways of the Tao offers both Phone and face to face video consultations. An initial visit will normally last between forty-five minutes to an hour so that a thorough health history can be taken. Once your needs are analyzed a formula will be sent to you via a certified US based Chinese herbal pharmacy. After you have used the formula for a week or so, a follow visit is recommended to assess your progress. Follow up consultations will normally only take fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on your response to the herbs and the complexity of your condition.


Cash discounted rates at the time of service.

Initial Visit

  • 30 Minute Session - $40
  • $15 per additional 15 minutes

Follow Up Visits

  • 15 Minutes - $20
  • 30 Minutes - $40
  • Over 30 Minutes - $40+

Cost of Herbs

  • $0.40 per gram (approx. cost)
  • $6-8 shipping fee
  • Encapsulation available at $10/100 grams

Please provide the following information to schedule your appointment

If you have any questions, you can contact Debby Shapiro at, or call or text 303-250-3044 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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If your insurance covers Chinese medicine or Telemedicine, Ways of the Tao is happy to bill your provider.

These services are not a substitute for Western medical care during the COVID 19 outbreak or at any time. Please contact your primary care doctor or emergency room with any severe symptoms and/or illness.